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Mon-Fri: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm
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323 South Main St. Concord, NH 03301

Major Systems and Components

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Engine – Rough idling or poor performance may indicate a need for minor repairs only. Abnormal noises or smoke could be a sign of worn or damaged engine parts. Active fluid leaks or broken motor mounts, left un-repaired, can lead to further, more costly future repairs. Minor oil leaks are common on older vehicles, but any leak should be inspected and diagnosed.

Transmission – Transmissions or clutches that are slow to engage or shift very harshly generally indicate worn parts that may require repair or replacement. Fluid leaks may lead to premature transmission failure; broken transmission mounts can damage other components including drive shafts and exhaust systems.

Steering System – Loose or binding steering indicates worn parts that can cause poor alignment and premature tire wear. Cracked or broken grease boots can cause premature part failure.

Starting System – Slow cranking, hard starting or noisy starter operation can indicate a potential no-start condition that may leave you stranded down the road.

Interior/Exterior Lighting – Adequate lighting is a safety concern both outside and inside the vehicle. Inoperative turn signals or stop lamps are potential traffic hazards. Multiple burned-out bulbs may indicate an underlying electrical problem.